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Eaton LifeSense Hydraulic Hose Monitoring

Eaton LifeSense Hydraulic Hose Condition MonitoringUnexpected hydraulic hose failure is a significant challenge with serious consequences— consequences that can be costly. Developing a solution that would help our customers deal with hydraulic power more safely, effectively and efficiently just made sense. The result is LifeSense®, an intelligent hydraulic hose condition monitoring system that detects failure-related events within a hose and provides advance notification the product is approaching the end of its useful life.


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Features / Benefits

  • - Safeguards workers
  • - Can provide over 50 percent more hose life
  • - Increases reliability – detects and warns of impending failure
  • - Reduces risk of collateral damage
  • - Maximizes uptime; mitigates unexpected hose failures
  • - Improves maintenance operations efficiency – automates inspections, on-going and real-time monitoring
  • - Protects the environment – mitigates potential spills



  • - General hydraulics
  • - Agricultural equipment (e.g., turf care)
  • - Vocational fleets - mobile refuse
  • - Oil and gas - offshore drill and production platforms
  • - Alternative energy - wind turbines
  • - Manufacturing - CNC, plastic injection molding
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