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Custom Hydraulic Hoses

Custom Hydraulic HosesCustom hydraulic hoses are made while you wait in both our Charlotte, NC and Mooresville, NC hose shop. We manufacture our assemblies using modern assembly techniques, equipment and standards.  Eaton Aeroquip factory trained technicians are capable of assembling hose assemblies for a wide range of application.

Having a wide range of capabilities allows Custom Hydraulics and Design to work fast to meet your demanding requirements.  We pride ourselves on being able to document our processes and procedures per customer requirements.  So if you need just one or hundreds give us a call.

Capabilities and Equipment include:

  1. Custom cutting up to 4’’ Industrial, Manual and Pneumatically powered saws.
  2. Crimping capabilities of 4’’ Industrial, 2.5’’ Braided, 2’’  R15 6-Wire Hose
  3. Re-Usable Hose fitting assembly up to -40 R5
  4. Hose assembly projectile cleaning
  5. Serial Number tracking
  6. Material Lot tracking
  7. Length and Crimp diameter documentation
  8. Labeling
  9. Kitting
  10. NIST Traceable measuring scale
  11. Hydrostatic testing
  12. Certified Eaton Lifesense assembler
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