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System Evaluation

System Evaluation System evaluations can help uncover trouble spots and energy loss.  Most hydraulic systems have wasted horsepower due to the lack of initial knowledge in the design process.  A great deal of machines move straight from prototype to production because it simply worked. These inherent inefficiencies have real hidden cost that can affect the bottom line year after year.  These cost include increased fuel / energy consumption, larger prime movers, heat, and component sizing.

To help our clients battle these issues we have implemented a procedure of investigating the actual system / circuit requirements by using test equipment to document the actual energy usage i.e. Pressure, Flow and Temperature all combined.  From the results we can work to uncover potential savings.

We currently have the capability to test and data-log:

  • - Flow
  • - Pressure
  • - Temperature
  • - Horsepower
  • - RPM
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